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“You Will Get the Absolute Best, Most Thorough, Professional Pest Control Service in the Industry… I GUARANTEE It… Or It’s FREE!”                             – John Kaiser, President

(Be sure to read the testimonials at the bottom of this page!)John Kaiser, Island Pest Control

Island Pest Control

Protecting Hilton Head and Bluffton Since 1979

Dear Homeowner,

My name is John Kaiser. I’m the president of Island Pest Control here on Hilton Head. For over 35 years we’ve been helping folks just like YOU solve their pest problems.

If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you either have a problem or a question about some unwanted pest in or around your home and you’re trying to decide whom to hire to get rid of it.

If this is the case, please keep reading because you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you why you should consider calling Island Pest Control today.

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your most prized possession and you want to protect it from damage and contamination from pests such as termites, roaches, ants, bedbugs, rats, mice, etc.

  • You want a pest control company who will get rid of the problem FAST and FOREVER.
  • You want to pay a FAIR PRICE and not a penny more.
  • You want a POWERFUL GUARANTEE and to know that the company will stand behind it without question.
  • You want to deal with TOP PROFESSIONALS you can TRUST to do the job RIGHT.
  • You want to know that, if you ever have a problem or a question, the answer is just ONE PHONE CALL AWAY, day or night, and even on the weekends.

Rest assured, Island Pest Control will provide you with all of the above…PLUS a lot more!

IPCTruck-Bluffton-hh7 BIG REASONS to choose Island Pest Control:

  1. All of our technicians are State Licensed Pest Control Operators! (No “certified” amateurs here)
  2. All of our technicians are graduates of Purdue University’s Pest Control Technology Program! (No other pest control company offers that level of expertise)
  3. We have an entomologist on staff 24/7! (Guarantees YOU the highest level of professional service)
  4. We have a GUARANTEE that is UNMATCHED by any of our competitors! (We assume all risk)
  5. You will have a direct line to the owner of the company 24/7! (No run-around ever)
  6. For over 35 years, our excellent reputation has been established by going above and beyond what is expected! (YOU WILL be Happy!)
  7. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay!

Try finding another pest control company who offers that level of expertise and commitment.

Listen, I don’t want you to just give us your business. I want to EARN IT. So give us a call and let us PROVE to you why our customers stay with us until they either move away or die!

If you’ve got a pest problem…or simply a question…call Island Pest Control today at 843-681-5188 and ask for me, John Kaiser, president. I’ll be happy to speak with you any time.

Thanks for reading this…and I hope to hear from you soon.

Here’s to helping YOU live PEST FREE!



PS: Don’t forget to ask about our FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis of your home or office!


“Here’s what our customers are saying about us!”


“I highly recommend Island Pest Control. Our technician Cory is very friendly, very thorough and goes above and beyond in taking the best care of our home.”  Mr. Dees  – Hilton Head Plantation 

 “Our Mosquito Misting System works better than we ever imagined! We are finally able to enjoy our back patio again! Thank you Island Pest Control! Al Peterson,  – Shipyard Plantation, Hilton Head

 “It’s becoming rare to find a service company that is trustworthy and knows what they’re doing. Island Pest Control is one of the few left who is both and more! I have used Island Pest Control since 2008 and would recommend them to take care of your pest problems in a heart beat!” – Nelson Adelman, Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head

 “My wife and I finally switched pest control companies after too many little issues and switching to Island Pest Control was like night and day. We never have to wonder when they’re coming and could not be happier with their services.” –Jim Fey, Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head

“I have a termite contract and quarterly pest control with them because the previous owners of the house used them. We have now been using them for 9 months and they have been wonderful to work with. Very responsive to extra needs (at no extra charge), usually the same day or even within hours, removing wasp nests, treating for bugs in between quarterly services if needed. They treat from the attic to the garage. I highly recommend them!” – Terri Epps, Palmetto Dunes, Hilton Head Island

“They come three times a year. They’re excellent every time. The staff is courteous. They’re very careful and thoroughly reliable. We would highly recommend them. We would use them all the time.”– Brian Julius, Palmetto Dunes, Hilton Head Island

“Services provided included fumigating and setting traps in attic, inspecting the traps daily for 5 days, then sealing potential entry sites to prevent re-entry.  Also, performed insecticide treatment indoors and outdoors. From the estimate and inspection through service and finalization of the initial contract details, the entire staff was very professional and accommodated my schedule in order to meet my needs and provide the best service.” – Lori Lee, Island West, Bluffton

“Island Pest Control does not charge you if you have any problems during the year. They are a good company.” – Suzanne Ninabuck, Hilton Head Plantation

“I switched to Island Pest Control in 2005 because I got tired of asking the previous exterminator to come back and re-treat… Also, being an avid gardener, their over spray damaged my plants. All that has stopped with Island Pest Control. My regular technician goes above and beyond – even bringing biscuits for my dog. Now that’s service!” – Collins Doughtie, Oyster Street, Bluffton 

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You only want to entrust your home to the best South Carolina pest control companies when you have a termite problem. Here at Island Pest Control, we now have many different extermination options available to our valued customers. It’s our goal to ensure that your termite problem is taken care of quickly to minimize the amount of damage that’s done to your home. The Dawn of Termite Control It wasn’t until after World War II that termite control became possible. In those days, a chemical called Chlordane was the go-to method of choice. Chlordane was extremely effective, but it’s environmental qualities left something to be desired. Eventually, Chlordane use was discontinued in 1988. Other treatment methods were tried, but they failed. This left many homeowners in need of a solution that was both environmentally friendly and effective. This need paved the way for the termite treatment measures we know today. Today’s Termite Control and Elimination Methods Today, the best South Carolina pest control companies use a method called baiting. This method is effective because it treats some of the most common termites known to our area – the Subterranean Termites. These pests live underground, just as their name suggests. They come to the surface to feed on wood, cardboard, paper and other products. A single colony of these termites can grow to 5 million in number. In order to treat these termites effectively, it is necessary to treat the soil around the property. With regular treatments, Subterranean Termites can be eliminated. For homeowners, working with a South Carolina termite exterminator who understands these pests is vital. It will keep... read more

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Most property owners in SC who need Beaufort County cockroach exterminators have seen these pests scurrying around their homes or businesses. However, cockroaches can do more than just run around looking for food. In some cases, cockroaches have been known to take to the air and fly around, giving property owners one more reason to loathe having these bugs in their home or building. Ideal Weather Conditions Cockroaches usually don’t do much flying, but certain kinds of weather make it more likely for them to use their wings. Hot, muggy summer weather creates the ideal flying conditions for cockroaches. Experts typically see these bugs flying around in steam tunnels in the NYC area rather than out in the streets. However, cockroaches usually do quite a bit of flying in some parts of the south. In Florida, for example, they tend to fly near palm trees, which is why they’re often called palmetto bugs in these areas. Southern Flyers Cockroaches in the south make use of their wings much more than their northern counterparts. Experts explain that this occurs due to their need to fly longer distances in search of food. NYC cockroaches don’t have to venture far to find food and water, so they don’t have as much need to fly. Those in the south have to travel around suburban and rural areas to find food and water, which makes them more likely to fly. Cockroach Treatment and Prevention Island Pest Control uses bait and insecticides for dealing with cockroach infestations. These measures help ensure that cockroaches are kept at bay instead of continuing to invade homes and businesses.... read more

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you hire us and at the end of 30 days you aren’t 100% HAPPY, we’ll come back and retreat your home for FREE. And we’ll keep treating it for free until you tell us you’re happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you spent for your original treatment – PLUS – we’ll give you $25 for your time and trouble!

Home Treatment Plan

  • $35 off Pest Control
  • Applicable to new annual service contract, web only specials.

Termite Protection

  • $75 off Termite Protection Plan
  • Applicable to new annual service contract, web only specials.

Mosquito Control

  • $50 off the installation of your mosquito control system, web only specials.

Wildlife Control

  • 10% off on your initial rodent exclusion, web only special.