Bats in hilton headBats in Hilton Head? Most people are a bit spooked when they find a bat living in their home. However, this is actually a common problem, and rarely results in the kinds of outcomes that Hilton Head homeowners fear, such as being bitten and / or contracting rabies or other diseases. Island Pest Control can certainly help- but here’s a rundown on what you need to know about bats on Hilton Head Island.

In fact, bats are highly beneficial and keep flying insect populations down. Some Hilton Head property owners install special bat “houses” to keep them around, just not inside their home or offices.

There are many ways that bats can get into your home, even something as simple as leaving a window or door open. A bat can mistake your home for a safe place to hide and rest. Chimneys are another easy way that bats find their way into houses as they look for shelter.

Signs You Have Bats In Your Home

There are a number of signs that you may notice if you have bats in your home. Listen for fluttering sounds inside your walls, especially in the early evening or early morning as they are usually very quiet, unless they are getting ready to fly or coming back to their roost. Almost all bats are active at night so that may be the only time that you hear them.

Bats do make a vocalized sound, so you may also notice a high-pitched squeaking near the area where they are present. Keep in mind that the only time that you may hear bats is when they are disturbed. For example, you may hear the bats after you slam a door or make some other loud sound inside, otherwise they just quietly roost or sleep without drawing any attention to their hiding place.

Like most critters, bats will leave droppings. You may notice droppings on your wall, porch, windowsill or any place that the bats have been. You can determine that bats are the source if you notice small insect parts in the droppings- the undigestible exoskeletons of their prey. You may also notice a dark smudge around the opening of their access point. Bats have a special oil on their furry coats that has a tendency to transfer onto any surface they contact.

Bats can also give off an unpleasant smell. Many people compare it to the smell of ammonia. Droppings can also reek of the same.

Of course, you can observe the outside of your house as the sun sets and the bats launch into their hunting flights. Look for the place where they are exiting the building and then scan for other signs as mentioned above.

Dangers Of Bats In Your Home

Bats are an important part of the ecosystem. However, you definitely do not want them in your home because they can be a health hazard once inside. There are a number of potentially-fatal diseases that can be spread through bats. Histoplasmosis is one of the diseases that bats can transmit. It is caused by breathing in a fungus that is found in bat droppings. It can affect any part of the body, but it usually affects the lungs first.

Histoplasmosis is usually mild and does not require any medical treatment. However, people who have a weakened immune system are at a greater risk for developing a serious infection and may require hospitalization. Anti-fungal medications can also be used to treat this condition. There are no vaccines available to prevent this condition. Patients who have histoplasmosis may develop symptoms that are similar to those of pneumonia.

Rabies is another condition that can be transmitted through infected bats. A person can develop rabies if they come into direct contact with an infected bat’s eyes, mouth or open wound. People who are infected with rabies will have to receive a life-saving vaccine called the post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, vaccine. It is estimated that 30,000 people have to get the PEP vaccine due to rabies exposure.

If you do come into close contact with a bat as mentioned, it’s imperative that you bring in the dead animal for testing for the rabies virus.

Why Hire A Professional To Get Rid Of Hilton Head Bats?

It can be difficult to get rid of bats. That is why you should hire a professional to do so. A professional will identify and eliminate the source of the problem. Getting rid of bats will also help you protect your own health as well as the health of everyone else in the household.

Our special techniques and expertise can save you a lot of time and worry- we do this every day!