Many people feel embarrassed to admit they have a pest problem in their home. Others might think it indicates a poorly kept household. On one hand, it’s unfair to assume that someone has a dirty home just because they have ants or other bugs.

On the other hand, tidying up and keeping things super-clean can, in fact, get rid of ants.

Hit the Reset Button to Wipe Out Ants

The folks at Lifehacker know a thing or two about how to clean ant infestations. Deep clean your kitchen, pantry, and anywhere else you might have food sitting around, as well as anywhere you’ve seen ants.

Cleaning Ant Trails

Notice how ants follow each other in a line? They know where to go because they leave scents behind for others to know the way to food or resources.

Wipe down every surface you can reach where ants have been seen in and around your home or office. Use a vinegar and water mix (1:3 diluted ratio) in a spray bottle. This masks their scent trails and keeps more ants from coming indoors.

When to Call for Hilton Head Ant Control

If a reasonable effort is not enough to get rid of ants or keep them away for long, our Hilton Head ant control technicians can help. We know how to apply ant treatments for various species, such as the Argentine ant and carpenter ant that have been plaguing South Carolina lately.

Island Pest Control has a variety of safe, effective methods including baits that destroy ant colonies entirely. Call or contact us online to request an appointment for a free inspection!