Ants are insects that no one wants to deal with. As soon as you discover them in your home, you can’t help but react with dread at the months you’ll spend trying to eliminate them.

When it comes to finding a local SC ant exterminator, the first thing you need to do is know what type of ant you’re dealing with. This goes a long way toward using the right ant treatment methods. One type of ant that is common in South Carolina is the acrobat ant.

What do Acrobat Ants Look Like?

Acrobat ants may have a strange name, but it’s fitting for them. They’re called acrobat ants because of the way they raise their abdomens over their heads and thorax when threatened or disturbed.

They do bite on occasion. However, the most disturbing thing about them is the terrible smell they give off when they feel they’re in harm’s way.

The abdomen of the acrobat ant is heart-shaped. They are between 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch long. They may be black or brown in color, and they have a double-segmented section that attaches to the abdomen. All the acrobat ants in one colony tend to be around the same size.

What’s the Best Way to Control Acrobat Ants?

The acrobat ant likes to live outdoors, but sometimes they do find their way inside. They’re drawn to sweets and meats in your kitchen, so you’re likely to find them there. You’re even more likely to find them if your home has any water damage. They enjoy moist environments.

Finding the nest is the best way to control the acrobat ant population in your home. This should only be done by professionals.

Finding a Local SC Ant Exterminator

If you’re in need of a local SC ant exterminator, we can help you here at Island Pest Control. We use the most advanced methods in ant control. Contact us today!