All ant species are annoying, but the Argentine ant can be more of a pest than others. This invasive species made the journey from South America more than a hundred years ago. Today, they have spread throughout the southeast and are found in the Hilton Head area.

Argentine Ant Identification

It’s easy to confuse Argentine ants with other species. They’re small and brown, live in colonies, and love sugary foods. However, Argentine ants cause more damage and are greater nuisances than most other ants.

The entomology department at Clemson University offers some points for identifying Argentine ants:

Are Argentine Ants Dangerous or Destructive?

Aggressive, persistent, stubborn — these are the most common terms that people use to describe Argentine ants. As a local SC ant exterminator, we know firsthand how invasive and destructive this species can be.

Argentine ants destroy other ant colonies, travel hundreds of feet for food, and often come back if not treated properly. Home gardeners will be especially upset by the damage from Argentine ants.

Argentine ants carry germs because they scavenge trash and dead animals. Even a small infestation should be treated as an imminent health risk.

Local SC Ant Exterminator for Argentine Ants

Island Pest Control carries an arsenal of treatment options to tackle your Argentine ant infestation. Even if the colony has nested somewhere off your property, we can kill it with ant bait. We also have outdoor pest treatments to stop Argentine ants from coming back.

As your local SC ant exterminator, Island Pest Control will do everything it takes to stop Argentine ants. Contact us today to make an appointment.