As the temperatures heat up, you might see more and more ants out and about. Ants become active in spring and summer, which can cause a wide range of issues for SC homeowners. If you have these pests in your home, you’ll need help from Hilton Head area exterminators to eliminate them before they can cause trouble.

Food Contamination

The main worry that many homeowners have about ants is that they’ll contaminate food supplies. These pests can easily get into packages of food, causing you to have to toss these products. If you have a large infestation, you could end up having to replace many items in your pantry due to contamination.


Ants crawl around on sewer pipes and other surfaces that are loaded with germs. When they crawl around your kitchen counters and other areas searching for crumbs and other food sources, they can spread these germs. This puts you and your family at risk of becoming ill from certain diseases.

Fire Risks

Certain kinds of ants can put your home at risk of having a fire. These ants can get into your walls and chew on the wiring inside them. This can lead to frayed wires and other hazards that raise the risk of a fire in your home.

Wood Damage

Carpenter ants can cause severe damage to the wood in your home. These large ants get inside your walls and chew through the wood in order to build tunnels. They don’t eat this wood the way termites do, but their chewing can cause just as much damage. Over time, a large carpenter ant infestation can lead to serious damage that could make your home unsafe.


Fire ants are among the most feared ants in SC. These ants are known for attacking in large numbers when anyone gets too close to their nest. When they attack, they deliver painful stings that can cause reactions in some people. In some cases, these reactions can be serious.

Ant Control

When you have ants in your home, it’s important to get these infestations under control. Hilton Head area exterminators can come to your home and determine where these pests are coming from. Finding the nest helps ensure that the entire colony is destroyed, so that you won’t keep dealing with ants in your home. Our pest control experts have the right products needed for getting rid of ant problems in your SC home.

Ant Prevention

How can you prevent ants from becoming a problem in your Hilton Head home? Keep the following tips in mind:

– Eliminate food sources: It’s important to remove any potential food sources for these pests, such as crumbs on the floor or counters. Keeping your food items stored in tightly sealed containers also helps prevent these pests from contaminating them and returning for more food.

– Close up entry points: You should also close up any holes or gaps you find in your home, such as rips in screens or cracks near doors. Ants can easily get into these openings and invade your home.

– Trim branches and bushes: Keeping tree branches, bushes and shrubs trimmed makes it less easy for ants to get onto your home’s exterior and find a way inside. This type of vegetation should be kept away from the exterior of your house throughout the year.

– Schedule routine pest control: Hilton Head area exterminators can provide you with routine pest control services. These involve checking for ants and other pests in your home and taking steps to prevent these bugs from becoming a problem.

If ants are causing problems for you, contact Island Pest Control. Our Hilton Head exterminators provide dependable ant control services to get these pests out of your home.