With fall underway, you might be surprised to see flies buzzing around your home. While you might think these are the usual house flies that go after your food, it’s more likely that you’re seeing cluster flies. These flies enter homes in fall and come out of hiding when it’s warm outside again. Find out more about why you might need cluster flies Hilton Head Island pest control services this season.

Physical Appearance of Cluster Flies

How do you know if you have a problem with house flies or cluster flies in your home? Cluster flies are bigger than house flies. They also have a grayish coloring with some golden-toned hairs on their body, giving them a slight sheen. House flies have a duller coloring overall and less hair on the underside of their body.

While cluster flies do lay eggs as house flies do, you’re not likely to see them in your home. These eggs are usually found in soil, and the larva that emerge from them tend to stay underground feeding on earthworms.

Cluster Fly Behavior

Cluster flies tend to be found outdoors when it’s warm or hot. When fall arrives and temperatures start to cool off, these flies sometimes gather on the sides of buildings. You might see a large group of cluster flies on your home, especially on the side that gets the most sunlight. These flies look for a place to shelter for winter, which includes inside homes and other structures, inside dying trees or in cliffs.

During the winter months, cluster flies typically stay hidden, such as inside walls. They might come out on days that are warmer than usual. On these days, you might see cluster flies in your home, especially close to windows and doors as they try to get outside. If winter stays cooler, you’re unlikely to see these flies until spring arrives. At this time, cluster flies come out of hiding and look for a way to get outside. Once they’re outdoors, they lay their eggs in soil.

Problems with Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are unpleasant to have around, but are they dangerous? These flies won’t get into your food and contaminate it, so you don’t have to worry about them invading your pantry or cupboards as house flies do. Cluster flies also don’t spread any kinds of diseases, while house flies are known to carry certain germs that can make you sick. They might cause slight discolorations on surfaces in your home due to their dark-colored feces.

You might need cluster flies Hilton Head Island pest control services if you have an invasion of these overwintering bugs. Although they don’t spread disease, cause serious damage or contaminate food, these flies can become a real nuisance to deal with. Pest control experts can help you get rid of them.

Dealing with Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are fairly simple to deal with, since they don’t fly very fast when they come out of hiding. However, since they can invade homes in large numbers for winter, you might find yourself having to deal with them over and over again when it’s warm outside. Pest control professionals can help you find out where they’re hiding in your home and eliminate them.

Cluster Fly Prevention

Preventing infestations can lower your risk of needing cluster flies Hilton Head Island pest control services. You can keep these pests out of your home by closing any entry points they might use, such as cracks on your exterior or around your windows and doors. Keep in mind that these flies can get through small gaps.

If cluster flies are in your Hilton Head Island home, contact Island Pest Control. Our experts can deal with these overwintering pests, so they won’t become a nuisance in the winter and spring.

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