When you think of nuisance wildlife pests, you probably don’t think of armadillos. However, Hilton Head pest control specialists have received a growing number of complaints about these creatures over the last few years.

Armadillos are animals that you would expect to see in Florida, but not so much in South Carolina. If you’ve noticed some holes in your yard or garden, it might not be the animal you think it is that’s making them.

Armadillos as a Nuisance Pest

Armadillos are burrowers. They’re often found in flower beds, yards and golf courses. They’re not quite as big a problem as other types of wildlife. However, they are causing more issues with every passing year.

Some Hilton Head pest control specialists are claiming that about 10% of their calls are because of armadillos. These pests prefer to come out at night because the temperatures are a bit cooler and they prefer sandy soil to dig their burrows.

For many homeowners, armadillos have made themselves known by burrowing under the house, where they rub their protective shells along the floorboards. This is a good indicator that you have an armadillo problem that needs to be addressed.

Getting Rid of Armadillos

It’s best to depend on the professionals when you find that you have an armadillo problem. The good news is that these creatures don’t seem to be very intelligent and they’re pretty easy to catch. It’s also legal to shoot them if they’re within 100 feet of your residence.

Even so, many homeowners would prefer a more humane approach to capturing armadillos. Here at Island Pest Control, we can assist you if you have an armadillo problem on your property. We will do so humanely, just as you would expect from a thoughtful but professional Hilton Head pest control specialist.

Don’t let pesky armadillos undo all the work you put into your garden or flower bed this season. Contact us today.