Don’t Give Up When Urban Wildlife Moves In

Squirrels, raccoons and other types of wildlife might be cute to watch scurrying around. However, these animals don’t seem quite as adorable when they take up residence inside your home. Thankfully, our South Carolina pest control professionals know how to deal with these critters safely and effectively. Common SC Wildlife Species Some SC wildlife species […]

As Summer Approaches, Okatie Braces for the Influx of Mosquitoes

With warmer temperatures in the area, Okatie mosquito control companies are getting ready to do battle with these pests. Certain species of Mosquitoes are known for carrying the Zika virus, which made headlines last year after an outbreak occurred. Public Health Risk The Zika virus has been a public health risk in South America for […]

South Carolina’s Rodent Exclusion Experts

Mice Control

Rats and mice can cause a number of problems for Hilton Head homeowners and business owners. They destroy property with their gnawing and chewing, they spread disease, and they infest food supplies. When you have a rodent problem, our SC pest control services can help. Rodent Inspections in Hilton Head Island Pest Control has rodent […]

Fifteen Types of Cockroaches Live in South Carolina – We’re Ready for All of Them!

Did you know there are 15 different types of cockroaches that live in South Carolina? Just the thought of cockroaches – also called Palmetto bugs – probably makes your skin crawl. Fortunately, just because they’re here, that doesn’t mean they need to live with you. Your Okatie cockroach exterminators are on the job to provide you with safe and effective cockroach control.

South Carolina Termite Extermination – New Extermination Solutions Available

You only want to entrust your home to the best South Carolina pest control companies when you have a termite problem. Here at Island Pest Control, we now have many different extermination options available to our valued customers. It’s our goal to ensure that your termite problem is taken care of quickly to minimize the […]