Racoon Treatment

Wildlife Removal

Unwanted, pesky wildlife can find its way onto your property or into your home. These critters can cause major damage to your property, as well as carry many harmful diseases. Additionally, these animals can become aggressive and become a danger to you and other inhabitants of the building. It is unacceptable for these pests to plague your life, and for this reason, Island Pest Control offers their Nuisance Animal Removal, or Wildlife Removal. Wildlife Removal services are very similar to animal control services, in that they require trained professionals to come out to your property and live-trap those pesky animals.

Facts About Bats

Bat Removal

Wherever they may go, bats can leave quite the mess. Whether a colony takes up residence in the attic or in the voids of walls, their foul odors can be smelled throughout the building. Not only this, but bat droppings have microbes that can damage the materials of the home and the lungs of the people living there. Getting rid of these pests is not exactly easy, which is why bat removal should only be handled by trained wildlife experts.