Bats are creatures that are actually quite good for the environment. However, no one will deny that they can also become pests. This is especially true when they decide to make your house their home.

As your Hilton Head bat exterminators, we encounter bats all the time. Let’s learn about where they like to roost, and whether or not your home would be a place they would find suitable.

How do Bats Choose a Roost?

Bats may choose different types of roosts based on certain factors. Sometimes it can depend on what time of year it is. Other times, it depends solely on what the bat needs at that moment.

The different types of roosts that bats choose include:

Maternity Roosts – In the early summer months, bats will look for a maternity roost to have their babies. Warm and dry spaces indoors are very good for this purpose.

Hibernation Roosts – Bats are creatures that hibernate during the winter months. Underground caves are usually quite suitable for hibernation. They give them a place where they won’t be disturbed.

Tree Roosts – Trees are actually very attractive roosts for bats. They offer protection from the elements. They also offer an assortment of bugs for bats to feed on.

Building Roosts – Bats will frequently be found in attic spaces of homes, churches and other buildings. They actually offer the perfect form of protection for them.

Underground Roosts – Caves, cellars and mines might be perfect for bats all year long. They are great for hibernation, but also offer safe spaces for feeding and mating.

Why are Bats Such a Menace?

Bats are animals that most people prefer to avoid and their presence in your home is definitely not welcome. That’s because they can cause structural damage and spread diseases.

No worries. Your Hilton Head bat exterminators are on the job. Contact us here at Island Pest Control if you need help with a bat problem.