Hilton Head Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Control on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort


Why use Island Pest Control to get rid of your bed bugs?

1.We are the only local company who guarantees treatments for six months! Most other companies only guarantee bed bug treatments for 30-90 days. It takes more than 40 days for a bed bug to complete its life cycle, even in ideal conditions. So by the time the few eggs that survived a chemical treatment become adults, reproduce, and you realize they are not gone, those other companies’ short guarantees are over and you’re going to have to pay again.

2.We are the only local company who performs heat treatments inside the home, right where the bugs reside – even in the wall voids. Island Pest Control is the only exterminator in the area that offers this service; most others remove items to an outside container for heat treatments (often missing the eggs and bugs hidden in wall voids and throughout the home).

3. No dangerous (and ineffective) chemicals used!

4. Our bed bug heat treatment kills bed bugs in all life stages, from egg to adult, in one day.

5. After 1,000 treatments, we have never once had to re-treat a property for bed bugs. We receive calls daily from frustrated property managers who have hired pest control companies who are unable to control the bed bugs.

6. We are the only local company to require every technician to be State Licensed Pest Control Operators. No “certified” amateurs here!

7. We are the only local company who requires all technicians to be graduates of Pest Control Technology from Purdue University.

8. We have a full time entomologist on staff, 24/7, to advise us on any problems we may encounter at your property.

We also have preventative options for bed bugs, including mattress protectors. Whatever your bed bug removal need, preventative or immediate, we’ve got you covered.



Bed bugs are hard to detect. They feed on blood. And while they don’t kill, they can certainly hurt your business if they’re not eliminated quickly and decisively. Before Island Pest Control adopted its proprietary approach to killing bed bugs, business owners would often have to shut down rooms for weeks and dispose of the entire contents of the room. Thanks to Island Pest Control, those costly, wasteful days are over. Want to know how to get rid of bed bugs? You’ve come to the right place: Island Pest Control’s Bed Bug solution:

  • Heat Remediation – uses forced-air heaters to kill bed bugs in all stages of development – from egg to adult. This innovative solution means rooms are only off the market for 48 hours, plus room contents are typically not damaged or destroyed. And we guarantee it!


Think You Have Bed Bugs? Need Bed Bug Control? Don’t spray! Call the Bed Bug Control Experts at Island Pest Control Now.

  • Same Day Dead. Our bed bug control heat treatment rids you of bed bugs in one day.
  • Complete Elimination. Heat reaches ALL bed bugs where traditional products can’t. Plus, it kills Bed Bugs at all stages, even the eggs.
  • Safe, Clean & Convenient. Your bed bug control treatment is isolated to only the room being treated so it will not affect others.
  • Protects Room Contents. Get rid of bed bugs without damaging the contents in the infested room. Plus NO CHEMICALS are used!
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction. We guarantee our bed bug control treatments for up to six months. Call for details.

Detailed Inspections. Customized Service. Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed.