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Island Pest Control is the leading bed bug extermination company in Bluffton, SC. For over 35 years, we’ve provided reliable and highly effective results for homeowners and property managers in the area. Our team of industry experts are highly educated and qualified, making them the best crew for handling all of your bed bug needs.

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Swift and Safe

We don’t use chemicals in our treatments. Not only are they unsafe, but they’re ineffective as well. Our safe and effective heat treatments won’t damage your property’s contents and are only isolated to the affected areas. Treated rooms are unavailable for only 48 hours so property owners aren’t inconvenienced for weeks at a time.

One Day Dead

Our proven heat treatments are the most effective tool for the job. Not only will we kill bed bugs in all stages and in all affected areas, but we’ll get rid of infestations in one day so you won’t have to worry about them again.

Professional To The Core

We only hire the best and most educated specialists for the job. We employ a professional entomologist 24/7 to assist us with every issue on your property. All of our technicians are required to be State Licensed Pest Control Operators and graduates of Pest Control Technology from Purdue University.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve completed over 1000 treatments and have never once had to retreat a property. We are the only company who offers a six month guarantee for bed bug treatments! Our customers have counted on us for impeccable results, every time.

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Bluffton Bed Bug Control For Homes and Properties

At Island Pest Control, we know how frustrating it is to have bed bugs in your home. There’s no need to feel embarrassed if you have them because these pests are notorious hitchhikers and can spread from common gathering areas such as hotels, movie theaters, hospitals, and beyond.

They’re almost impossible to get rid of on your own if you don’t have the means or proper equipment, but that’s where we come in. Our trained team of bed bug professionals have the right tools and expertise to eliminate infestations after the very first treatment.

Bed bugs are nasty pests that cause huge problems for homeowners and property managers everywhere. These small creatures can’t spread diseases, but their presence can drive away business, affect your sleep, and cause great discomfort knowing that they’re crawling over you at night.

They can hide in cracks, crevices, beds, and other areas so they can often go undetected for long periods of time. Our technicians will get down to the core of the issue and eliminate these pests in all affected parts of your Bluffton property.

Even when there aren’t any human hosts around, bed bugs can still survive for 3 months up to 1 year. They’re very resilient to chemicals, making them some of the most difficult pests to exterminate even if you throw away your infested furniture. These are very serious infestations and should always be treated by a professional pest control team. Here at Island Pest Control, we have all the means and experience to help you eliminate and prevent bed bugs.

Professional Bed Bug Control Services

Island Pest Control is the leading bed bug exterminator in Bluffton for a reason. Our professional pest control services will eliminate them after just one day, including all stages from eggs to adulthood! We’ve treated over 1,000 properties and have never once had to re-treat them. This is why so many homeowners and property managers have come to us with their bed bug needs over the years.

We are the only local company that utilizes the power and efficiency of heat treatments inside your home. Most companies will remove your furniture and perform these treatments outside or use dangerous and ineffective chemicals, but not us! Our bed bug specialists will get down to every crack and crevice where they’re hiding, even inside the walls of your Bluffton property.

All of our specialists on staff are all State Licensed Pest Control Operators and are graduates of Pest Control Technology from Purdue University. We also have an entomologist on staff 24/7 to assist us while we make our thorough inspections. When you work with us, you’re ensured to only work the best of the best. For pests as serious as bed bugs, you don’t want to work with amateurs who can’t get the job done right.

With top of the line extermination services comes a top of the line guarantee. Unlike other companies who offer only 30 to 90 day guarantee for bed bug treatments, ours is offered for 6 months! You see, bed bugs complete their full life cycle in about 40 days. It only takes a few eggs to survive a poor treatment and before you know it, you have another infestation on your hands and an expired guarantee. When you choose to hire the professional bed bug technicians at Island Pest Control, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

The Top Bed Bug Control Company In Bluffton South Carolina

If you’re looking for a local bed bug control company in Bluffton, look no further than Island Pest Control. We are fully equipped to quickly and efficiently eliminate all bed bug infestations. Our team of experts are highly trained, educated, and customer-service oriented so you can feel relief knowing that we’re very thorough with our services. We only strive for the best possible results and complete customer satisfaction from the very first treatment, every time!

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