Here at Island Pest Control, we are constantly answering calls to identify and/or control bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small, wingless, rust colored insects belonging to the order Hemitera. They are called “bed bugs” because these vermin get into the crevices of your mattress or between sheets where they multiply. Unlike other pests, bed bugs do not build nests.  They do, however, congregate in small groups. Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that prefer to feed on the blood of humans. If they cannot find a human host, they will feed on other warm blooded animals, such as small rodents or house pets.

Bed bugs are not known to spread disease to humans, but their contact with you and feeding on your blood, is unpleasant  in and of itself.  Their existence alone can be troublesome, as you may be caused great distress with the knowledge that they are crawling over you while you sleep. Additionally, your anxiety as you worry about being bitten can lead to sleeplessness and psychological distress in extreme cases.

bed bug extermination

Bed bugs are basically hitchhikers, and as such, they can be easily carried out of your bedroom and into other areas of your house. These pests will hitch rides on clothing, in luggage, and in furniture. For these reasons, bed bug infestations are common in places with a high turnover rate of people including hotels, time shares, hospitals and rental properties; the list of locations at risk is virtually endless.

While bed bugs have remained common in other parts of the world, including Asia and South and Central America, the United States has not experienced widespread infestations for decades. However, over the past few years bed bugs have made a dramatic comeback.  Worldwide travel has undoubtedly played a role in the bed bugs making their resurgence, but this is just one of many theories.  The only facts we know about their comeback is that they have reappeared in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Bed bugs are most active while we sleep. They crawl onto exposed skin, inject a mild anesthetic, and suck up a small amount of blood. Bed bugs usually stay close to their host so bedrooms and sleeping areas are the most common places to find them. However, in larger infestations, bed bugs can move through a whole house and be found on any surface. Bed bugs feed up to twenty minutes at night, while the host sleeps, usually in the pre-dawn hours. If they are hungry and the light is low, bed bugs can also feed in the daylight hours. After feeding they crawl to a sheltered crevice where they’ll remain for several days while digesting the meal. Most people never feel the actual bite, but may notice welts, bumps and red splotches on the skin. The reaction to a bed bugs bite can vary widely, from not  reacting at all to reacting extremely. Sometimes welts from a reaction to a bed bug bite may take weeks to appear. Bed bugs’ average lifespan is one year, but in ideal conditions some females have been observed to live 2 years or more. In 1 year a female may lay 300–500 eggs, depending on the temperature and the amount of food available. The eggs will hatch in about ten days and under ideal conditions the young can reach adult reproduction age in 45-60 days.

These bugs are resilient pests, so it is important to call Island Pest Control for a complete bed bug extermination. A juvenile bed bug can survive for 3 months or more without feeding, and an adult can live over a year without feeding. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. They are resistant to most chemicals and simply throwing away infested furniture and bed parts won’t remedy your bed bug infestation. Bed bug infestations are serious and should always be handled by a professional pest control specialist.

Island Pest Control offers Bed Bug Heat Treatments for Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Beaufort homeowners and property managers. These heat treatments are the most effective way to complete bed bug extermination. We’ll have you bed bug free after 1 treatment. Call our office today at 843-681-5188 if you suspect bed bugs in your home. We will be happy to answer any question you have or set up an inspection to identify bed bugs in your building. With over 1,000 homes treated and a 100% success rate, we are Hilton Head Island’s bed bug experts! And we back our treatments with a 6 months 100% Bed Bugs and Eggs Dead, Re-treat FREE Guarantee. To learn about our Bed Bug Heat Treatments for Hilton Head Island, Bluffton or Beaufort.