If you’ve spotted a strange looking insect around your home, you’re probably searching for a Hilton Head exterminator. A common bug that pesters many South Carolina residents is the camel cricket. The mere sight of this insect can be pretty alarming.

What is a Camel Cricket?

The adult camel cricket can be 1/2 and inch to 1 and a 1/2 inches long. They’re not like ordinary crickets in that they don’t make any sound. If you don’t spot one, they’re likely to go unnoticed for quite some time until they increase in numbers.

Camel crickets can be a dark brown or a light tan color. They are really good jumpers, and the adults don’t have wings. Most people think that they’re just a nuisance pest, and not really anything to worry about. However, these insects are capable of doing some significant damage.

What Damage Can Camel Crickets Do?

You’re likely to find camel crickets in damp areas of your home. They like garages and basements the best. You may even find them in your laundry room because of the humidity there.

In your home, camel crickets can damage clothing and your house plants as well. Outside, they can damage your lawn furniture, plants and even clothing that you have hung on your clothesline.

How does a Hilton Head Exterminator Control Camel Crickets?

Every camel cricket population is different, as far as what type of treatment is necessary. Your Hilton Head exterminator will assess your situation and decide what you need. You may find that preventative measures are all that is needed to control camel crickets. This is especially true if they are found outside your home.

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