Termites have a reputation for doing significant damage to wood in homes, but they’re not the only ones. Carpenter bees can also cause problems for homeowners in the Hilton Head area. How do you know if you need carpenter bee extermination? Knowing how to identify these pests is the first step.

Physical Appearance

Carpenter bees have larger bodies, much like bumblebees. Female carpenter bees can grow to be about an inch in length. They’re typically black or metallic blue in color, while males tend to have lighter hair that’s more of a gold or brown color. Carpenter bees usually have abdomens that are shinier than bumblebees.

Wood Damage

Carpenter bees have been known to build their nests inside wood structures. They do so by making holes in wood structures in order to make room for their nests. The holes for these nests can lead to structural damage and affect a building’s physical appearance. These bees can also leave stains behind while boring holes in wood. Carpenter bees typically don’t like to nest in hardwoods, but they do like to nest in wood that doesn’t show any signs of decay. Some of the wood sources they tend to attack include mulberry, ash, Douglas fir, cypress, and pecan.


Carpenter bees can make residents nervous when they fly close to homes. However, these bees don’t usually sting. While males don’t have stingers at all, females won’t sting unless they’re provoked.

Although carpenter bees aren’t likely to sting, the threat of wood damage is enough reason to get carpenter bee extermination services. This will help protect your home from serious wood damage while ensuring that all of these bees are safely removed from your property.

If you need carpenter bee extermination in SC, please contact Island Pest Control. Our pest control experts safely and effectively eradicate carpenter bee infestations.