Carpenter bees do a lot of good in terms of pollination, but they can also be a problem for some homeowners. Learn more about these bees, so you can decide if you need Hilton Head carpenter bee treatment for your home.

What Do Carpenter Bees Look Like?

Carpenter bees are sometimes mistaken for bumble bees. They’re larger like bumble bees, but they don’t have as much hair on their bodies. Carpenter bees are black and yellow and have a smooth rather than a hairy abdomen.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Female carpenter bees are able to sting, but they rarely do so. They mainly sting if they’re threatened or if they’re being handled. Male carpenter bees exhibit aggressive behavior in order to guard nests, but they aren’t able to sting.

Where Do Carpenter Bees Make Nests?

Carpenter bees bore holes in wood, then lay their eggs inside these sheltered places. They can make their holes in siding, fences and other wooden structures. Although their holes don’t weaken these structures, they can give them an unsightly appearance. The holes might also become worse if woodpeckers in the area peck at them in order to get to the eggs.

When Are Carpenter Bees Active?

Carpenter bees hibernate throughout the winter months and become active in the spring and summer months.

Do I Need Carpenter Bee Treatment?

If carpenter bees are leaving unsightly holes on your property, you should consider getting Hilton Head carpenter bee treatment. This helps get rid of these pests, so you can cover the holes and repaint the areas as needed. Keep in mind that carpenter bees usually make holes in untreated or unfinished wood. Painting wood or covering it with a finish might help keep these insects at bay.

If you need Hilton Head carpenter bee treatment, please contact Island Pest Control. We provide safe and dependable pest control services for bees and other pests in SC.