Interesting Facts About the Bats Found in South Carolina

Facts About Bats

On warm summer nights, you might see a bat or two flying around outside. While you might think of these critters as pests, they do a lot of good in this area. Bats keep insect populations down, including mosquito populations. However, bats can become a nuisance if they decide to make their home in your […]

Interesting Facts Home Owners Need to Know About Bats

Hilton Head Area Bat Removal Services

Warm summer nights mean that you might see a bat or two flying around your yard. While these mammals aren’t a problem when they’re outdoors, you might end up with a bat problem if they get inside your home. If this happens, you’ll need professional Hilton Head pest control to safely remove them. In the […]

What Bats Make South Carolina Their Home?

What Bats Make South Carolina Their Home?

Bats can be a common sight at night in some parts of SC, including the Hilton Head area. In fact, there are 14 different bat species that make their home in SC. Find out more about these species and when to hire Hilton Head pest control for help in removing them. Big Brown Bat These […]

How Does the South Carolina Winter Impact the Insects We’ll See in the Spring?

South Carolina Homeowners May See Boxelder Bugs Indoors

This year’s winter in South Carolina is expected to have an impact on insect populations. Despite colder temperatures at times, increased moisture could result in more bugs around, especially when it comes to certain types. You might need a Hilton Head exterminator at your home this winter or early spring if you have any of […]