What Species of Cockroaches Make Their Home in South Carolina

Palmetto Bugs Can Bite and Spread Disease

Cockroaches are among the more common insect pests that you’ll find in the Hilton Head area. South Carolina is home to several types of cockroaches, but you’re unlikely to encounter all of them. Learn more about five of the most common types that you might need Hilton Head cockroach exterminators for at your home. American […]

How Does the South Carolina Winter Impact the Insects We’ll See in the Spring?

South Carolina Homeowners May See Boxelder Bugs Indoors

This year’s winter in South Carolina is expected to have an impact on insect populations. Despite colder temperatures at times, increased moisture could result in more bugs around, especially when it comes to certain types. You might need a Hilton Head exterminator at your home this winter or early spring if you have any of […]

Clemson University Categorizes Cockroaches as Both Major and Minor Pests

Clemson University Categorizes Cockroaches as Both Major and Minor Pests

Cockroaches are common pests throughout the state. While some cockroaches are considered minor pests that won’t bother you, others are major pests that will require a Hilton Head cockroach exterminator. Find out more about which kinds of cockroaches are classified as major or minor pests. German Cockroaches: Major Pest These light brown or tan cockroaches […]

Cooler Weather Drives All Types of Cockroaches Inside

Get the Island Pest Control Exterminator Team on Your Problem

As cooler weather moves into the Hilton Head area, you might be relieved to know that many pests tend to disappear. Unfortunately, cockroaches aren’t among them. In fact, cooler temperatures could bring these pests closer to you in your home or business. Find out why you might be needing Hilton Head pest control services this […]

Popular and Hated – the South Carolina Palmetto Bug

Palmetto Bugs Can Bite and Spread Disease

During the warmer parts of the year, it’s not unusual to see large, brown bugs crawling around outside. This bug, known as the South Carolina palmetto bug, is really a type of cockroach. Learn more about palmetto bugs, including how they behave and what to do if you have them on your property. Palmetto Bug […]