Rodents and some insect pests aren’t just a headache to have on your SC property. Certain species can also spread diseases to humans through bites or from exposure to urine or feces. It’s important to know which pests can make you sick and have Hilton Head pest control handle these infestations.


Rats and mice carry numerous diseases, including leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. You can get these illnesses if you’re bitten by infected rodents, exposed to rodent urine or feces, or bitten by infected fleas that live on these rodents. Keeping food sources away and getting rid of potential nesting sites helps prevent rodent infestations.


Cockroaches carry Salmonella and other diseases that can cause serious complications. People with asthma can also have asthma attacks when these bugs are around. As with rodents, eliminating food sources and points of entry can help prevent infestations.


Houseflies and other nonbiting flies can be a health hazard in homes. These flies spread serious illnesses, including E. coli and typhoid fever. You can catch these illnesses from exposure to contaminated food or surfaces that flies have landed on. Keeping your home free of crumbs and other food sources, and sealing up cracks around doors and windows helps prevent these bugs from getting inside.


Mosquitoes can transmit West Nile virus, Zika virus and other diseases through their bites. These diseases can have serious health complications for some people, so it’s best to avoid being bitten as much as possible. Getting rid of standing water, such as in bird baths and puddles, helps prevent these pests from breeding on your property. You can also prevent bites by covering up in the evening and nighttime if you’ll be outdoors.

If you have disease-carrying pests in or around your home, Island Pest Control is here to help. Our Hilton Head pest control experts can safely get rid of rodents, fire ants, cockroaches and other common pests.