At first glance, a lot of South Carolina pest control companies sound the same. Many will offer some kind of free inspection and offer assurances or even guarantee that you’ll be pest-free after they leave. So, how can you pick the best Hilton Head pest control service in order to save yourself the time and hassle of re-treating later?

For an unbiased look at selecting the best pest control service, consider some advice from the Clemson University Cooperative Extension. Their guide to choosing an exterminator takes a look at when you should not attempt DIY pest control, how to solicit bids from multiple contractors, and the signs of a truly professional company.

What Happens After a Free Estimate?

As the Clemson guide notes, many South Carolina pest control companies offer a free inspection but not all have the skill, knowledge, or dedication to follow through with proper extermination plans.

In other words, don’t let a free estimate get you wrapped up with an unscrupulous company. The inspection should be a real multi-faceted inspection, not just a sales pitch.

During your initial communications and the first visit or estimate, decide whether you feel comfortable with the level of expertise and communication skills. You should feel confident that you’ve found the right pest control company in Hilton Head for the type of service you need.

Don’t All Exterminators Do the Same Thing?

You might think that all pest control services use the same chemicals and methods. Unfortunately, there are those who know the latest science and technology, and those who rely on harsh chemicals and a “cast a wide net” approach.

Better companies will use more targeted tactics and safer pesticides. There’s no need to fumigate an entire house or spray all of your landscaping when better educated pest control technicians can locate the nest and get to the root of the problem with smarter methods.

Which South Carolina Pest Control Companies Should You Trust?

Just like other contractors such as roofers or plumbers, you should take the time to find a local Hilton Head pest control service that is the right fit for your needs.

Some of the most important considerations include:

– Advanced education in pest control technology

– Membership in state and national associations (the SCPCA and NPMA)

– Entomology knowledge for specific pest identification

– Specialty in your pest problem

– Reputation in the local community that proves commitment and quality

– Clear information about pricing, guarantees, warranties, etc.

Thankfully, the days of calling the first number in the yellow pages are long gone. Ask questions, request references, and check online reviews to get a better sense of what to expect.

Find Your Answer with Island Pest Control in Hilton Head, SC

Your exterminator should be a trusted service provider that you don’t need to see often, but can rely on for routine treatment or whenever there’s an unexpected infestation.

Island Pest Control consistently ranks as the preferred choice among South Carolina pest control companies because we guarantee your satisfaction and do what it takes to make your home pest-free.

Our free 58-point inspection gives you a clear picture of what pests you have, where they are nesting and entering your home, and how we can get rid of them.

We have an entomologist on staff 24/7. Our team of dedicated technicians have all undergone the Purdue University Pest Control Technology course and passed Clemson University examinations. We’re not just licensed, we’re the most qualified and credentialed pest control service in the Okatie, Bluffton, and Hilton Head area.

Let us know if you have a pest problem right now or need a better exterminator for either residential pest control or commercial pest control treatments.

To schedule service, you can contact us online or give us a call and ask to speak with our president, John Kaiser, to ask a question!