Cockroaches might be the most hated pest. They’re large, they’re gross, and they walk all over your floors, walls and ceilings. And here in the Palmetto State, it’s no surprise that we see our fair share of “palmetto bugs.”

At Island Pest Control, we value the science and education behind entomology and pest control. Let’s learn why cockroaches spread in your home and breed. Then, if you need Hilton Head or Bluffton pest control, give us a call!

Why Cockroaches Love Your House

Keeping windows and doors shut does not guarantee that roaches won’t enter. Cockroaches only need a little food, water, and shelter to survive—so once they get in, they’re happy and ready to breed. Here’s what you should know about how and why roaches come inside:

• Cockroaches can squirm through tiny holes and gaps as narrow as 1/16-inch.

• They come through pipes, chimneys, and just about any other opening.

• They love sugar and meat, but survive on practically any organic matter including dead plants and sewage.

And here’s the key facts about cockroach breeding:

• They do not require a large nesting ground.

• Females can reproduce without males even being present.

• Pregnant females produce an egg sac that they stick to a surface, typically near food.

• When cockroach eggs hatch, the babies are ready to scavenge for themselves.

What Does It Take to Kill Cockroaches?

Our Hilton Head cockroach exterminator team attacks your cockroach problem from several angles. We lay poisoned bait to lure and kill cockroaches that are unaffected by store-bought products you might have tried. We have safe but powerful insecticides that are applied with laser precision.

As your Hilton Head cockroach exterminator, we can also help you learn how to prevent cockroaches from spreading in your home by removing their access to food and water.

Put our expertise to good use! Contact Island Pest Control for a free 58-point inspection to finally defeat those stubborn cockroaches.