Most property owners in SC who need Beaufort County cockroach exterminators have seen these pests scurrying around their homes or businesses. However, cockroaches can do more than just run around looking for food. In some cases, cockroaches have been known to take to the air and fly around, giving property owners one more reason to loathe having these bugs in their home or building.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Cockroaches usually don’t do much flying, but certain kinds of weather make it more likely for them to use their wings. Hot, muggy summer weather creates the ideal flying conditions for cockroaches. Experts typically see these bugs flying around in steam tunnels in the NYC area rather than out in the streets.

However, cockroaches usually do quite a bit of flying in some parts of the south. In Florida, for example, they tend to fly near palm trees, which is why they’re often called palmetto bugs in these areas.

Southern Flyers

Cockroaches in the south make use of their wings much more than their northern counterparts. Experts explain that this occurs due to their need to fly longer distances in search of food. NYC cockroaches don’t have to venture far to find food and water, so they don’t have as much need to fly.

Those in the south have to travel around suburban and rural areas to find food and water, which makes them more likely to fly.

Cockroach Treatment and Prevention

Island Pest Control uses bait and insecticides for dealing with cockroach infestations. These measures help ensure that cockroaches are kept at bay instead of continuing to invade homes and businesses.

If you need help from Beaufort County cockroach exterminators this spring or summer, count on Island Pest Control. Our experts have the right knowledge, skills and equipment to effectively deal with cockroaches on your property. We’ll also provide you with tips on reducing the risk of having these pests return.