As cooler weather moves into the Hilton Head area, you might be relieved to know that many pests tend to disappear. Unfortunately, cockroaches aren’t among them. In fact, cooler temperatures could bring these pests closer to you in your home or business. Find out why you might be needing Hilton Head pest control services this fall or winter for a cockroach problem.

Cockroaches in SC

There are different kinds of cockroaches found in SC. American cockroaches, also known as palmetto bugs, are among the types that tend to head indoors when it gets cold out. These are large cockroaches that have a reddish-brown coloring. You might also see light brown German cockroaches or dark brown or black Oriental cockroaches during fall and winter. Keep in mind that these bugs could already be inside your home or business. They tend to hide in wall spaces and other hidden areas during the day and come out at night to look for food and water.

Cockroach Behavior in Fall

Cockroaches spend the warmer part of the year scurrying around near trash cans and other outdoor areas where they’re likely to find food and water. As the temperatures start to drop, these pests often look for sheltered areas to go where they’ll be protected from the cold. For some cockroaches, this means finding a way into homes and businesses, so they can search for crevices, wall spaces and other hidden areas that provide them with safe shelter during the day.

Cockroaches don’t go into any kind of hibernation state during the winter months. Instead, they stay just as active as ever as long as they have a place to keep warm. It’s not a pleasant thought, but you might have these pests lurking inside your walls or pipes already. You’re unlikely to see them during the day, but you might catch sight of them when it’s dark out. They can be found anywhere inside buildings, although they tend to head for kitchens, bathrooms and other interior areas that give them access to food and water.

Problems with Cockroaches

Cockroaches cause numerous problems when they get into homes and businesses. You’ll need help from professional Hilton Head pest control services if you end up with an infestation. These bugs carry a wide range of germs that can make you sick. They spread these around as they wander through the interior of your home or business. Cockroaches can also be a problem for those who have respiratory weaknesses. Exposure to their exoskeletons or saliva can lead to asthma attacks or allergic reactions.

Cockroaches are also able to build large populations once they’re inside a building, which can make it difficult to thoroughly eliminate them. Their ability to squeeze through tight spaces also makes them hard to find.

Preventing Problems with Cockroaches this Fall

You can lower your risk of having to deal with cockroaches this fall by keeping food items stored in sealed containers and sweeping up any crumbs that are lying around. Eliminating standing water sources from leaky pipes and faucets also helps discourage these pests. Cockroaches tend to hide in piles of clutter, so clearing these out of your home or business can also help keep these pests away.

Having professional Hilton Head pest control services perform inspections of your home or business and treat it for cockroaches is another way to reduce your risk of having a large cockroach problem this fall and winter. The earlier you treat a cockroach problem, the less likely you’ll have to deal with these pests in your home or business throughout the season.

If cockroaches are bothering you in your home or business, contact Island Pest Control as soon as you can. We have a team of highly trained and skilled technicians available to provide you with dependable Hilton Head pest control services.