Nobody likes any kind of ants, but a new invasive ant species could spell serious trouble in Beaufort County. Entomologists from Clemson University have been warning about the spread of tawny crazy ants to the Lowcountry area. We may just be seeing the beginning of a large infestation in 2017 and beyond.

Since migrating from its native territory of South America and the Caribbean, the tawny crazy ant appeared in Texas in 2002. It spread through the south, barreling toward South Carolina. As a local SC ant exterminator, we’ve been bracing ourselves for impact.

Crazy, Crazy Like an Ant…

Although not known as stingers like fire ants, the crazy ant poses a unique threat to everyone’s comfort. Crazy ants harm agriculture and businesses, too.

Aggression and damage are the two big problems with crazy ants. They’ll wipe out other South Carolina pests and other ant colonies, which doesn’t seem so bad—except that it throws the local ecosystem into whack.

More surprisingly, tawny crazy ants are known to destroy electronics and electrical equipment. Computers, televisions, and wiring are all at risk. As entomology professor Eric Benson points out, that can be a serious danger for hospitals, nursing homes, and other sensitive locations.

Crazy Ant Exterminators in Hilton Head

Large populations of crazy ants can explode once a colony has settled in. Whether you’re a homeowner or a golf course manager, you need to take action quickly if you get a crazy ant infestation!

The best course of action includes ant bait and specialized insecticides. Typical ant killer sprays will only be a drop in the bucket.

Island Pest Control is your local SC ant exterminator with hard-hitting insecticides and the right expertise for tangling with a new invasive species. Our technicians have all undergone Purdue University’s 18-month integrated pest management certification.

We’re prepared for crazy ants—are you? Schedule a free 58-point inspection and estimate for local SC ant exterminator services today.