For many people, it’s vacation season. It’s a time of relaxing and having fun, while leaving their cares and worries at home. However, not all vacations are all they’re cracked up to be; especially if bed bugs end up hitching a ride home. Fortunately, if you do end up with a bed bug problem, SC pest control services can help you.

The Real Problem with Bed Bugs

No one wants to see bed bugs crawling all over the bed when they enter a hotel room. You don’t expect to see it, either. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Bed bugs will usually lie in hiding until the nighttime hours when you’re asleep. At that point, they will strike.

Their bites can cause itchy welts all over your body. For many people, allergic reactions are a very real concern. They can lead to:

These are problems that no one wants to deal with on their vacation. What makes matters worse is that bed bugs are really hard to spot. That means they can easily climb into your luggage and travel home with you to cause even more problems.

Avoiding Bed Bugs: Travel Tips

You want to avoid bringing bed bugs home at all costs. To do this, follow a few simple steps.

  1. Place your luggage in the hotel bathroom upon entering
  2. Carefully check the bed before doing anything else
  3. Look at the headboard, the box spring and the mattress
  4. Search for bed bugs, exoskeletons and brown spots

If you see signs of bed bugs in your room, contact the front desk immediately, and ask for a new room in a different section of the hotel. Even if you don’t see bed bugs, place your luggage on the luggage rack and never on the bed.

Following these steps should result in your returning home bed bug free. If not, contact Island Pest Control for SC pest control services.