Palmetto bugs aren’t hard to find during summer when they’re often seen running around at night. When the weather gets colder, though, these bugs look for ways to get out of the cold. You might need help from a Hilton Head palmetto bug exterminator this winter if these bugs decide that your home is where they want to go in order to stay warm.

Palmetto Bug Activity

When can you expect to see palmetto bugs trying to get into homes? This usually happens as the weather gets cooler. You might notice palmetto bugs in your home in late fall and early winter as they scramble to find shelter from the cooler temperatures. During the rest of winter, you might see an occasional palmetto bug inside your home.

Keep in mind that if you have palmetto bugs in your home, you’re also likely to see them in spring when it gets warmer and they come out from their hiding spots to head back outdoors.

Where You Might Find Them

If palmetto bugs are using your home for shelter in winter, where are you most likely to see them? These bugs need to be in places that provide them with plenty of moisture. You’re likely to find them in gutters, crawlspaces and drains where they have access to moisture sources. If you have any leaks in your home, you might find these bugs hiding out in the affected area.

Palmetto Bug Behavior in Winter

Palmetto bugs don’t hibernate during winter, but they’re also not very active at this time. They mainly remain hidden in winter until the weather warms up again. In some cases, older palmetto bugs die off this time of year due to their age. Palmetto bugs that survive come out in spring to look for food and make their way outside, which provides them with a more humid environment.

Keep in mind that these bugs might decide to hang around your home if they have ample access to food and water sources, so you might end up having to call a Hilton Head palmetto bug exterminator.

Signs of Palmetto Bug Problems

How can you tell if palmetto bugs are lurking inside your home if they’re not out much during winter? You might see an adult or two in your home if they happen to leave their hiding spots. While this isn’t necessarily a reason to worry, you should be concerned if you see smaller palmetto bugs around.

Finding smaller ones can mean that adult palmetto bugs have laid eggs in your home. This can result in a more serious infestation in your home. If you leave it untreated, you could end up having a lot of these bugs around your home, especially in spring and summer.

Dealing with Palmetto Bugs

You should get in touch with a Hilton Head palmetto bug exterminator if you find these bugs inside your home. An exterminator can get rid of them and check to see if you have a larger problem that you thought. If more bugs are found, exterminators can take steps to fully eliminate them.

Palmetto Bug Prevention

You can prevent palmetto bugs from becoming a problem in the first place with a few simple steps. Taking away their access to food and water sources is among the most effective ways to discourage these bugs from staying in your home. This means sweeping floors and wiping counters and tables regularly.

Taking out your garbage and placing it in a sealed trash can also help keep these bugs at bay. Sealing up gaps, especially around windows and doors, and fixing leaks are also good ways to prevent palmetto bug problems.

If palmetto bugs are crawling around your home, it’s time to get help from a Hilton Head palmetto bug exterminator. Contact Island Pest Control to learn more about our services.