In Island Pest Control’s battle against bed bugs on Hilton Head Island, one of the things we’re finding is that homeowners and property managers often miss the early signs of bed bugs and confuse the bites with fleas or other biting arthropods. This often leads to the bed bug infestations going unnoticed for several months until the infestation is unmistakable and often throughout the entire home. We aim to fix this problem when we come to your home for a bed bug inspection.

Island Pest Control’s Bed Bug Inspection

Early detection is key to stopping the spread of this pest and early detection can save you hundreds of dollars in lost revenue from a rental property or only needing to treat one room for the infestation instead of your whole home.

The first line of defense for homeowners and property managers is paying attention when changing bed sheets! You can easily see the early signs of a bed bug infestation, if you know what to look for!

Bed bug blood spots on pillow1. Blood Spots on Sheets and Pillows.  When changing sheets, always look for small blood spots or ink spots. The small blood spots don’t confirm bed bugs but they do call for a further bed bug inspection. These tiny blood spots can easily be missed by someone not familiar with bed bugs.




2. Tiny black spots on the mattress.  These “spots” are bed bug fecal matter. They are often first seen in the seams and folds of the mattress or boxspring, as well as between the mattress andbed bug inspection box spring.



These are the two most noticeable early signs of bed bugs. Train house keepers; train yourself; and call a professional pest control company if you notice any of these early warning signs. Most importantly, do not remove anything from the infested room. Doing so can move the bed bugs to other rooms or places.

Island Pest Control offers Bed Bug Inspections and Heat Treatments for Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort homeowners and property managers. We also offer FREE 30 minute seminars for housekeeping staff to learn the signs of bed bugs on Hilton Head Island. Call our office today at 843-681-5188 if you notice these signs. We will be happy to answer any question you have or set up an inspection. With over 1,000 homes treated and a 100% success rate, we are Hilton Head Island’s bed bug experts! And we back our treatments with a 6 months 100% Retreat FREE Guarantee. To learn more about our Bed Bug Heat Treatments and Bed Bug Control for Hilton Head, Bluffton or Beaufort.

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