Bats in SC are normally found outdoors, but some can make their way inside and end up building nests. When bats get into homes, they can form large colonies, which creates health and noise problems. Bats that are inside should be eliminated with Hilton Head bat removal services. Find out more about these critters.

Signs of a Bat Infestation

How do you know if you have bats in your SC home? You might hear them moving around or making vocal sounds in your walls, chimney or attic. Bats tend to be noisier at dusk before they leave their nest, so you’re more likely to hear them at these times. You might also notice bat droppings, especially if they’re inside your attic. Bat droppings typically have insect parts in them and don’t have the chalky appearance that droppings from mice and other pests have.

Bat Entry Points

How do bats get into your home in the first place? They can manage to squeeze through small openings, such as cracks or gaps in building exteriors. Their most common entry point is roof overhangs, where they squeeze in through an opening and take up residence in the attic, walls, chimneys and other open areas. You might not see bats inside your home, since they like to stay hidden. However, you might see their droppings in your attic if they spend hot days staying cool in there.

Bat Prevention

There are steps you can take to prevent bats from getting into your home. This includes closing or sealing up any openings they can get through. If you already have bats, you’ll need to have them carefully removed before sealing up openings, so you don’t trap them inside.

Don’t let bats make a mess in your attic or walls. Contact Island Pest Control for dependable Hilton Head bat removal services. Our bat experts know how to carefully trap and remove bats from your SC home.