Ants, flies, wasps and other bugs tend to cause trouble for homeowners during the summer months in SC, but fall is the time for stink bugs to become a problem. These invasive bugs can form large populations that seek shelter inside residential properties. Learn more about these pests and when you’ll need South Carolina stink bug control to deal with them effectively.

How to Identify Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs aren’t native to SC. These pests were brought to the Allentown, PA area by accident from Asia in the early 2000s and spread to other states. Stink bugs have been in SC since around 2011, and they have become more of a problem over the years. These pests are able to spread from place to place by clinging to objects, including cars and other vehicles.

How can you tell if you have stink bugs in your home? These bugs have a noticeable shield shape to their body and are brown in color. Brown marmorated stink bugs have white markings on their antennae and legs and white and brown markings on their abdomen. These stink bugs are around a half-inch in length when they’re fully grown.

Stink Bug Behavior

You’re more likely to see stink bugs around your home during the fall months as the weather gets cooler. This is when these bugs search for a safe place to spend the winter months. Stink bugs can gather in very large groups on exterior surfaces and invade homes while searching for winter shelter.

If they manage to get in and find their way inside walls and other hidden areas, you might not see them again until spring arrives. At that time, you might see these bugs emerge from hiding and show up on walls and other surfaces of your home as they look for a way outside.

Problems with Stink Bugs

Stink bugs don’t bite or sting people, and they don’t chew up wood or cause other damage to properties. However, they do emit a strong, foul odor when they are crushed, which can cause your home to smell. Removing these pests means doing so carefully, so that they won’t give off their distinctive odor.

Since they also tend to have large populations, it can be difficult to thoroughly eliminate these bugs from homes without professional South Carolina stink bug control.

Stink bugs can also cause problems outdoors if you have a garden or fruit trees. These bugs can damage a wide range of plants, including ornamental ones, as well as vegetables. They can leave holes in leaves and lesions on fruits and other produce.

Dealing with Stink Bugs

Stink bugs need to be handled with as much care as possible to ensure that they are not crushed or disturbed. Instead of grabbing them with a paper towel, you should use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate them from your home. Just make sure that you empty the vacuum cleaner right after vacuuming these bugs up, so that their odor won’t stay behind.

If you have a large infestation, you’ll need help from South Carolina stink bug control services. Professional technicians can safely get rid of stink bugs and make sure that the infestation is thoroughly dealt with. You can also get advice on preventing these bugs from being able to get into your home in the first place, such as sealing up openings, especially around your windows and doors. This helps reduce the risk of having an infestation during fall.

If your property has a stink bug problem this fall, you’ll need professional help to get rid of them. At Island Pest Control, we offer reliable South Carolina stink bug control services. Our team of technicians has the training and tools needed to carefully eliminate stink bugs from your property without leaving their unpleasant odor behind.