Lady bugs, or Asian lady beetles, are a common and often welcome sight when it’s warm out, but they can become a problem as it gets cooler. These bugs gather in large numbers on or near residential buildings and other buildings while they look for shelter for the winter months. If they get indoors, this can create big problems that require lady bug control.

Fall Behavior

Lady bugs need a warm place to spend the winter months, which leads them toward buildings. These beetles form large groups in or near building walls and doors, as well as porches and other sunny exterior areas. If they manage to find their way inside, their large numbers can end up being quite a nuisance for homeowners throughout fall and winter. These bugs also emit pheromones that attract other lady bugs, resulting in even bigger populations in one area.

Lady Bug Problems

Lady bugs aren’t disease carriers, and they don’t feed on household items, food or wooden structures. However, they can bite humans and cause reactions in those who are allergic. Their tendency to gather in large groups also makes infestations hard to deal with once they’re inside a home. Lady bugs that are inside can be troublesome to have around, although they tend to find their way out of buildings in late winter and early spring as it gets warmer.

Benefits of Lady Bugs

Despite the problems they can cause when they’re indoors, lady bugs are beneficial for many reasons. They feed on aphids and other insect pests that can ruin gardens and crops. You don’t need to have lady bugs eliminated when they’re outdoors, but you should hire your SC pest control experts for indoor infestations.

If you have a problem with ladybugs or lady beetles this fall, contact Island Pest Control for help. Our lady bug control experts know how to handle infestations and eliminate them promptly.