Feel surrounded by fire ants this summer? You’re right—this invasive species has infested every county of South Carolina. Our Hilton Head, SC fire ant control team regularly treats for them in Okatie, Bluffton, and throughout Beaufort County. As an imported ant species, they affect people, plants, and animals.

A Clemson survey found that about 70% of South Carolinians have had ongoing problems with fire ants. A third said fire ants limit their ability to enjoy their home or garden.

Prevalence and Impact of Fire Ants in South Carolina

Most people would agree that annoyance and itchiness are the worst part of fire ant bites. The damage can be much worse, however.

If you have an infestation at home or work, our SC fire ant control service can help you avoid serious problems—like a trip to the hospital when your child gets numerous fire ant bites, or massive landscaping damage that costs a fortune to reverse.

Studies reveal the true dangers of getting bit by fire ants and letting them roam on your property.

Health effects of fire ants: Thousands of people need medical treatment each year in South Carolina due to fire ant stings, with occasional deaths confirmed in extreme cases.

Medical costs: People spend millions annually on treatment and medical consultations after fire ant bites.

Fire ants affect wildlife: As a non-native species, fire ants have an unnatural effect on local wildlife populations, including local species and endangered species of birds, turtles, and other animals.

Environmental impact: Fire ants can wreak havoc on the normal process of pollination, so there’s a cascade of effects that alter our South Carolina landscape and ecosystems.

Hilton Head, SC Fire Ant Control

Island Pest Control technicians are licensed professionals with Purdue University certificates in pest management. We carry a big hose to put the fire, so to speak. When fire ants attack, contact our SC fire ant control service for your home or business!