One of the downsides to warmer weather is that fleas are up and about, causing problems for people and pets in SC. These tiny pests jump around biting dogs, cats, and their owners, which can cause skin irritation. The good news is that Hilton Head flea control service can help eliminate flea problems and reduce the risk of having them again. Learn more about fleas, the kinds of problems they cause and ways to deal with these pests.

How to Identify Flea Problems

Fleas are typically a reddish-brown color and only grow to be about 2 mm long. They look like small specks that hop around. If you see these pests anywhere in your home or on your pets, it means that you have a flea problem. While you might only notice a few fleas at first, these pests can lay many eggs and cause a much larger flea infestation. In severe cases, your entire home might need to be treated in order to get rid of these pests and their eggs. Otherwise, you’ll just keep having flea problems.

If you have pets, you should look for signs of flea activity, such as tiny black spots on their skin. These are flea droppings, which are easy to spot if you have a flea comb. Focus on the neck area and the hindquarters, since these are the areas that fleas tend to be most active. Check your pets’ bedding as well for these tiny spots.

If you think you have a flea problem, you should also watch for flea eggs. Although fleas lay their eggs on pets’ skin, these eggs fall off onto the floor or other surfaces. If you see tiny, white and oval specks in carpeting or other parts of your home, these are their eggs, which means that you’re dealing with an infestation and need Hilton Head flea control service.

Problems with Flea Infestations

Fleas don’t spread disease like ticks do. However, they can cause skin problems in pets who are allergic to them. Dogs and cats with flea allergies can develop severe itchiness after being bitten. These bites are usually on the hindquarters and the base of their tail, so you might see your pets vigorously scratching these areas. Excessive scratching can increase the risk of skin infections if they scratch their skin open.

Flea infestations can also cause major problems in terms of dealing with them and eliminating them. Since fleas can reproduce in larger numbers, it can be challenging to ensure that all eggs and fleas have been destroyed. Leaving even a small number around can lead to another infestation, so it’s best to look for Hilton Head flea control service.

What to Do About Fleas

How can you get rid of fleas? Vacuuming and using flea treatment products on pets with infestations helps eliminate these pests. However, these measures might not be enough to deal with a flea problem. Keep in mind that pets can pick up fleas in your yard, resulting in another infestation.

For severe flea problems, you’ll need help from Hilton Head flea control service. Pest control professionals have the right products to effectively eliminate fleas from your home and yard in order to keep you and your pets safe. This helps ensure that the fleas and their eggs are gone for good, so that you won’t have another problem. Keeping your lawn trimmed, vacuuming regularly and using flea preventative products on pets can help lower the risk of having to deal with these pests in your home or yard again.

If you need Hilton Head flea control service this summer, please contact Island Pest Control. Our team of technicians have the knowledge and training to identify flea problems and the equipment to handle them. We can help you get a flea infestation in your home or yard under control.