Don't Get Overwhelmed by Termite Colonies, Let Us Help!
Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Termite Colonies, Let Us Help!

Formosan termites are easily the worst kind that you will ever discover on your property. Colonies of Formosan termites are at least 10 times larger than other species. Their huge population size directly translates into huge damage. The colonies grow quickly, too, so by the time you realize that you need to call us for Hilton Head SC termite treatment, we may be looking at a massive infestation.

Here’s how Formosan termites stack up against other kinds of termites:

Formosan Termite Colony Size and Growth

Like other winged insects, Formosan subterranean termites have queens that lay tons of eggs. Literally… one queen lays as many as 2,000 eggs per day!

They spread and thrive, too. Formosan colonies have 5 times as many soldiers as other termites, so they can kill off competing bugs and protect the colony.

Meanwhile, most of the colony’s members are chomping down on their favorite meal — the wood frame of your house and other wood and plants.

Our field technicians at Island Pest control have found huge Formosan colonies that have reduced pounds upon pounds of wood to dust. Their population is so huge, they can destroy the foundation and frame of a large condo building before anybody notices.

Take Control with Hilton Head SC Termite Treatment

When it comes to termite control, being proactive is critical. So is using the right resources!

At Island Pest Control, we have an in-house entomologist and all of our technicians are state-licensed specialists. Our Hilton Head SC termite treatment begins with a free 58-point inspection.