Free Pest Inspection

Free Pest Inspection: Our 58 Point Pest Analysis

Before we even propose a program or a price, we complete a free detailed 58 point pest analysis of your home, inside and out, to be sure we identify and understand all of the environmental conditions and sources that attract or support pest activity in your home. Our complete pest inspection is part of our commitment to providing the best preventative pest control service in our area. We want to help our customers understand what factors might be attracting pests and what changes they can make to change that. These are just some of the areas our free pest inspection covers:


If caulk or weather stripping is coming loose or needs replacing, pests could be entering your home or business through the gaps. If your door sweeps are old or weak, bugs and small animals like mice can squeeze their way in.


Hole that lead into your home, such as where your power service enters the house, should be carefully sealed off. Pipes that lead to the outside should always be fully sealed as well. If they are not, this is a common way pests can get into your home or business. This includes plumbing pipes as well as your dryer vent system, which can also have gaps that need to be resealed.


If the louver screens in your attic are torn or have holes in them, chances are, that’s where a pest entered your home. If the siding on your home or business is not insulated, animals can squeeze their way inside the building.


If your grass grows too long near your house, many critters can be hiding in it. To keep animals and insects further from your home, keep your yard well cut. Additionally, keep any firewood you may have at least feet from your home. 

Let Us Help You Catch These Sneaky Creatures.

If your grass grows too long near your house, many critters can be hiding in it. To keep animals and insects further from your home, keep your yard well cut. Additionally, keep any firewood you may have at least feet from your home. It’s important to realize that bugs can be living in the wood or in your grass, so keep distance between those bugs and your home. Any tree limbs that hang over your roof or very close to the side of your house can introduce squirrels and other rodents to your home as well. If tree branches or shrubs come into contact with your house, it’s best to keep those trimmed back as well.


If your gutters are filled with debris or even tiny trees, rather than clean and flowing freely, a number of pests can be living in there. Lack of splash guards under downspouts can allow water to accumulate at or seep into the base of your home’s foundation, attracting insects. Also, if rainwater does not adequately drain away from your home’s foundation, the standing water can attract unwanted pests as well. If there is any evidence of a water leak or rain water draining into your basement or crawlspace, pests could be present nearby.


If your pets have evidence of fleas – excessive scratching, flea dirt, etc. – then fleas could very well be in your house. They can jump off of your pet and into the fibers of your carpet, curtains, bedding, or towels, where they can live more than 100 days without eating.


When food is left out or improperly sealed, bugs and rodents can be attracted to it. Seal off all food in tupperware or plastic bags to avoid attracting pests. If your trash cans have ill-fitting lids, the smell can attract pests. They can get in through the lid, and might stick around to explore more areas of your home. Make sure all lids are tightly secured.

These are just some of the basics our full 58 point free pest inspection covers. When our specialists arrive onto your property, they’ll provide a comprehensive list of every item to check when monitoring for pests! Contact Island Pest Control to request your free pest inspection today.

Services provided included fumigating and setting traps in attic, inspecting the trap s daily for 5 days, then sealing potential entry sites to prevent re-entry. Also, performed insecticide treatment indoors and outdoors. From the estimate and inspection through service and finalization of the initial contract details, the entire staff was very professional and accommodated my schedule in order to meet my needs and provide the best service.