A Palmetto Bug
Common Bugs

The Hilton Head area’s warm and humid environment makes it home to many types of bugs. While some are harmless, others can cause big problems for property owners. Learn more about some of the common bugs found in the area, and don’t hesitate to contact the top SC pest control company for help.


SC is home to 73 beetle species, including the invasive Asian multicolored lady beetle, which is often mistaken for native ladybugs. Other beetles that you’ll find in SC include boll weevils, Carolina tiger beetles, cottonwood borers, green June beetles, stag beetles and varied carpet beetles. You might also find emerald ash borers, which are an invasive species.

Butterflies and Moths

SC has 94 species of butterflies and moths. Butterflies typically aren’t a nuisance, but moths can do damage to household goods. Some of the butterfly species in SC include the eastern-tailed blue butterfly, monarch butterfly and red admiral butterfly. Some of the moth species in SC include the banded tiger moth, forage looper moth and luna moth.

Stinging Insects, Ants and Similar Bugs

There are around 39 of these species in the state, including the American bumble bee, which shouldn’t cause you any trouble. However, other types of these insects, such as the black and yellow mud dauber, black carpenter ant, cow killer, great black wasp and yellow jacket can be a problem. Some of these bugs can sting, while others will destroy wood and ruin food supplies.

True Bugs

SC has 32 species that are considered true bugs. Among these, you’ll find aphids, box elder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, giant water bugs, kudzu bugs and treehoppers. Bed bugs can also be found in SC.

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