Bed Bugs Hide In Tropical Areas too. Be on Your Guard.
Bed Bugs Hide In Tropical Areas too. Be on Your Guard.

Bed bugs have been keeping our Beaufort County pest control experts busy in recent years, and it doesn’t look like the number of infestations will be declining in the near future. In fact, Florida is experiencing problems with tropical bed bugs that haven’t been around for decades.

Tropical Bed Bugs Return

These bed bugs were last seen in Florida back in the 1930s and 1940s, but researchers recently confirmed an infestation in a home in Brevard County. There’s also reason to suspect that this type of bed bug might be present in other southern states, especially as more and more people travel and bring these pests from one location to another. Researchers believe that these pests should respond to the same kinds of pest control methods used for common bed bugs, although it’s important to note that bed bugs in general are difficult to get rid of.

Tropical Bed Bug Behavior

Tropical bed bugs behave in similar ways to common bed bugs. Their diet consists of human blood, which they get by biting people. These bites can cause mild reactions, such as itchy skin or blisters, although some people might experience more severe reactions depending on their sensitivity. These pests are found in a variety of places inside homes, just as common bed bugs are, which can make them hard to eliminate without professional treatment.

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