South Carolina may not have the cut-and-dry bed bug laws others states support, but that doesn’t mean your establishment can’t be held responsible for injury and damages suffered from unmitigated bed bug infestations. Does your hotel chain need a Beaufort County bed bug specialist on retainer?

An Expensive Lesson
In one case recently settled by attorneys, a woman who stayed at a South Carolina Fairfield Inn and Suites was awarded thousands in medical costs and damages. The morning following her August 2014 stay, she awoke to numerous bed bug bites on her body. She immediately contacted the front desk and spoke with the manager, who said he was aware but didn’t apologize. After leaving, she sought medical treatment for her bites and discarded personal belongings to prevent spreading the infestation to her home.

Upset with the indifferent demeanor of the manager in regards to the situation, and the fact that others could suffer a similar fate as a result of the poorly maintained rooms, she sought legal counsel. Her claim was settled for $9,000. Other cases have resulted in similar awards to plaintiffs bitten by infestations.

A Rising Concern
2000 to 2013 statistics from the National Pest Management Association note a significant increase in bed bug infestations nationwide. Though there is a dearth of legislation concerning the issue, hotels have the responsibility to keep guests safe under common law.

Establishments with infestations can be held accountable for medical costs and damages resulting from the stay and subsequent infestation aftermath, making the cost of early detection pale in comparison to potential losses in legal fees, negative press, reputation damage, and inability to rent rooms.

Beaufort County bed bug specialists know late detection costs far more than prevention. To avoid unnecessary cost and litigation, you need a trusted Beaufort County pest control provider on your side. Don’t let bed bugs take a bite out of your business. Contact Island Pest Control today.