Perhaps you have some friends coming to stay with you for a few days. You know that they like to travel, and you also know that bed bugs are a bigger problem now than ever before.

As your local SC bed bug exterminator, we want to offer a word of caution. It might not be the easiest conversation to have, but it’s so important to talk with your friends about bed bugs before they arrive.

Bringing Up the Topic of Bed Bugs

It may not be easy to bring up the topic of bed bugs, but it’s something that you should consider when guests are expected. You don’t have to be rude when you talk with your friends. You can simply ask if they have ever came across an infested room during their travels. If they say no, you can probably put the subject to rest.

However, if they say yes, then you should think about what your next line of questions should be.

What to do if Your Friend Says “Yes”

If your friend says that they have come across a bed bug infestation (or two, or three!), then you may want to take a different approach. You can politely decline hosting them and suggest a hotel nearby instead. You could also offer to wash their clothes when they come to your home.

There are inexpensive bed bug monitors you can purchase to keep an eye on the situation. These will help you to catch an infestation before it has a chance to really take root in your home.

Finding a Local SC Bed Bug Exterminator

Chances are good that your friend hasn’t been exposed to bed bugs. If he or she has, they’re sure to understand your hesitation. If you run into an infestation, contacting your local SC bed bug exterminator is highly recommended.

Here at Island Pest Control, we can help you eradicate bed bugs. Contact us.