How to Identify a Norway Rat Nest
How to Identify a Norway Rat Nest

Norway rats tend to prefer living in populated areas where they have a plentiful supply of food. That means they can become a big problem for homeowners in many parts of SC. If you think you might have these rodents on your property, knowing what their nests look like can help you determine if you should call a Hilton Head Norway rat exterminator.

Nesting Locations

Norway rats typically stay close to the ground. They’re usually found near dumpsters and sewers, as well as in fields and forests. These rats tend to build their nests by burrowing into the ground. They look for locations that provide added protection from intruders, such as below trash heaps or under concrete foundations.

If they get inside your home, they can build nests inside walls or in areas that are filled with clutter, such as storage areas. When you find one nest, you will probably find more. These rats usually build their nests relatively close to each other.

Nest Signs

How do you know if there’s a Norway rat nest on your property? Look for holes in the ground that have smooth tunnel walls. Spotting them inside your home can be more difficult, since they’re usually made in less visible places or areas that are hard to reach. Keep in mind that you might be able to see these rodents coming out of their nesting locations at dusk, when they leave to forage for food.

If you have Norway rats in or around your home, give Island Pest Control a call. With help from our Hilton Head Norway rat exterminator, your home can be free from these rodents.