South Carolina has its fair share of pests already, but there’s another one making its presence known. Kudzu bugs have come to our state in recent years. It’s important to learn more about these bugs, including what they look like, what kinds of trouble they can cause and when to get a Hilton Head exterminator for them.

How to Identify Kudzu Bugs

Kudzu bugs are similar to stink bugs, although there are some notable differences between their appearances. While stink bugs have a brownish color and a shield shape, kudzu bugs are a light brown color with a greenish tint. These bugs also have a more square-shaped body.

Kudzu bugs are roughly the size of lady beetles when they’re fully grown. Adult bugs can measure up to a quarter of an inch long. Younger kudzu bugs are smaller in size and have more of a hairy appearance. Kudzu bug eggs have a rounded, barrel shape and a pale tan coloring.

Where to Find Kudzu Bugs

Where might kudzu bugs be on your property? You might find these bugs on or near kudzu, wisteria and other plants, especially bean plants. They often lay their eggs on plant leaves, so look for their tiny tan shapes on plants around your property.

Keep in mind that kudzu bugs don’t always stay outdoors. When it starts getting cool outside, these bugs will be looking for warmer places to stay for winter. This might bring them into your home where they’ll hide in any crevices or other sheltered spots that they can find.

Kudzu Bug Behavior

What do kudzu bugs do? These bugs spend the warmer part of the year feeding on wisteria, kudzu and bean plants, such as soybean plants. Younger bugs only take about six weeks to fully mature from an egg to an adult, so you might find quite a few of these pests around.

As soon as the weather gets warmer, these bugs come out of hiding and look for plants to eat and for egg sites. In some cases, large numbers of kudzu bugs gather on other plants while waiting for their favored plants, such as wisteria, to grow.

When the weather starts to cool off, kudzu bugs gather together to find places to spend the winter months. This usually means under leaf piles or in shrubs or trees. However, kudzu bugs can also seek shelter in residential buildings. In fact, they tend to prefer going to houses that are white or lighter in color.

These pests gather around doors, windows and other areas in sunny spots and search for hiding places. This is why you might find kudzu bugs inside your home in fall or winter.

Problems with Kudzu Bugs

Kudzu bugs do not have stingers, and they don’t bite. However, you should plan on having a Hilton Head exterminator get rid of them if you have an infestation. These pests can end up being inside your home in large numbers, making it hard to eliminate them.

Kudzu bugs also give off a foul smell like stink bugs do, and they can stain your furniture and other fabrics. Kudzu bugs can also cause skin irritation if you handle them.

Kudzu Bug Control

It’s best to let professionals handle these infestations, so that all bugs are found and eliminated. Professionals also know how to get rid of them without crushing them. Keep in mind that sealing up cracks around doors and windows can help stop these bugs from getting inside your home for the winter.

If you have kudzu bugs in your SC home or property, our Hilton Head exterminators can get rid of them for you. Although these bugs are newer pests in the area, our technicians have the knowledge and skills to deal with these infestations. Please contact Island Pest Control today!