German cockroaches are among the most common kinds of pests in SC. These brownish bugs have a knack for being able to squeeze through tiny gaps, making it easy for them to hide in homes and businesses and come out at night in search of food and water. That also makes it easy for them to leave droppings and germs behind. Fortunately, our Hilton Head cockroach exterminators know how to deal with these pests.


Germ-Carrying Pests

German cockroaches don’t bite or sting, but they carry a number of diseases that can make you ill, such as food-borne illnesses and dysentery. Those who have asthma or allergies can also have an increase in respiratory problems when cockroach droppings are around.

Cockroaches carry these germs on their bodies and spread them around as they crawl through cupboards and over utensils, cups and plates. They can also leave germs behind while running over countertops.

Reliable Cockroach Control

At Island Pest Control, we have a team of Hilton Head cockroach exterminators who have the knowledge and equipment required for effectively dealing with these pests and getting rid of them. Our experts typically place gel baits in order to lure cockroaches from their hiding places. In some cases, we use insecticides to eliminate these pests.

If you’re worried about having insecticides used in your home or business, keep in mind that our experts are able to detect the locations where these pests are likely hiding, which minimizes the number of places that these chemicals are used.

Cockroach Prevention

Island Pest Control also helps homeowners and business owners prevent German cockroaches from infesting their property. This includes providing advice on keeping properties free of crumbs and other items that can attract these pests.

If you have German cockroaches on your property or inside your home, give Island Pest Control a call. Our Hilton Head cockroach exterminators excel at getting rid of these common pests.