Mosquitoes are frequently a problem for people in South Carolina. Homeowners deal with them in their yards, they ruin a lot of picnics, and even business owners struggle with them. The right Hilton Head mosquito exterminator can help you kiss your mosquito woes goodbye. However, this year professional help might be more necessary than normal. Because of the projected hurricanes, mosquitoes are expected to be an even bigger problem.

Hurricane Matthew Ushers in Mosquitoes

As if the damage done by Hurricane Matthew wasn’t bad enough, it also caused an severe increase in mosquitoes in Beaufort County. In fact, close to 110 calls for mosquito control came in between October 9 and October 20. Most of those happened on the 19th and 20th.

Experts believe that standing water was responsible for the increase in mosquito-related calls. Pools of water found in ditches, bird baths and bowls of water are an instant breeding ground for these pests. More hurricanes are expected this year, and so mosquito populations are projected to be about the same.

Protecting Yourself Against Increased Numbers of Mosquitoes

There are many ways you can protect yourself and your property against mosquitoes. You can:

• Avoid going outside when mosquitoes are thought to be the most active. This is typically during the early evening and between sunset and sunrise.

• Use mosquito spray often.

• Wear protective clothing.

• Regularly empty out anything that holds water on your property.

Taking these steps will keep you safe. They can also discourage mosquitoes from making their home on your property.

Can a Hilton Head Mosquito Exterminator Help You?

The answer to this question is, absolutely! No one wants to deal with mosquitoes. At Island Pest Control, we can offer you a mosquito control plan that will fit your unique needs. You can even get your plan in place before these pests begin their attack this summer.

Do you need a Hilton Head mosquito exterminator? Contact us!