Each summer brings renewed fears of mosquito-borne diseases. Summer is certainly when mosquitoes are most active in South Carolina, but you can get ill from a mosquito bite any time of year.

Thankfully, some of the worst mosquito-borne diseases are uncommon in the Hilton Head. Malaria only shows up in the United States in people that have recently traveled abroad.

On the other hand, anything is possible. Hilton Head sees plenty of international tourists. However, our warm climate, wet ground, and vibrant plant life make the area an excellent mosquito breeding ground.

Possible Mosquito Diseases in South Carolina

Viral diseases and infections are the primary reason to get Hilton Head mosquito treatment as a preventive measure, but mosquitoes can also spread other germs and microorganisms.

Known diseases spread by mosquitoes in South Carolina include:

• West Nile virus

• La Cross encephalitis virus

• Eastern equine encephalitis

• Other encephalitis (brain inflammation) viruses

• Flanders virus

• Flavivirus (viral hemorrhagic fever)

• Keystone virus

• Lymphatic filariasis

• Human heartworm

• Dog and cat heartworm

What About Zika, Dengue, Malaria, and Other Scary Diseases?

We don’t want to alarm you, but mosquitoes don’t care about man-made borders. People, pets, plants, and freight shipments can spread virus-carrying mosquitoes.

For example, the Zika virus outbreak of 2016 mostly hit South America and the Caribbean but was found in Florida and elsewhere. If the local news has been warning you about similar viruses lately, the smart reaction is to use our Hilton Head mosquito treatment to protect your loved ones.

Reduce Your Risk with Hilton Head Mosquito Treatment

No matter which viral disease or parasite is plaguing the news headlines this year, it’s always a good time for Hilton Head mosquito treatment to be safe.

If you’re planning an outdoor event or want to enjoy your patio, pool, and yard on a regular basis, Island Pest Control can help with one-time mosquito sprays or ongoing mosquito control systems. Contact us for more info!