Mosquito Control


At Island Pest Control we offer several programs to meet your mosquito treatment needs and provide the latest in Mosquito Control Sprays for Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort.


Affordable, safe and effective. Knocks out the mosquito population and breeding sites around your home and yard. Every month, every other month, whatever your mosquito needs may be.


One time mosquito service for any outdoor event. Weddings, parties, BBQS or just a fun outdoor evening. This treatment is done one to two days before your event to insure your guests have a mosquito free celebration.

Mosquitoes and the Spread of Disease


Permanently installed and serviced by Island Pest Control. You remotely control and keep mosquitos from crashing your outdoor leisure time.


We can take over your current mosquito control system with no initial cost.

The beautiful coastal South Carolina area is perfect for getting out and enjoying nature’s best work, but mosquitos can be an ugly and unwanted addition to your outdoor activities.

Take the outdoors back! Call Island Pest Control today and start enjoying the outdoors again!


South Carolina is known for its warm, humid nights that are perfect for outdoor entertaining. There’s nothing any of us enjoy more than a cookout with family and friends; great food, good music, and the best company. It’s so relaxing to sit out on your patio with a nice, cold beverage, and listen to the sounds of crickets while watching the stars. Well, it’s relaxing until you start itching. We know the annoyance of mosquitoes all too well; these nasty little suckers can completely ruin your outdoor soiree, not to mention cause you itchy, painful, madness when they travel inside your home or business. Protect yourself and your guests from those frustrating, scratchy mosquito bites by calling Island Pest Control for our exterminating mosquito control spray.

Mosquitoes are winged, bloodsucking insects that thrive in warmer temperatures. Residents of South Carolina know very well the bites they leave behind. However, what you may not know is this: Only female mosquitoes suck human blood, thus they are the culprits for those nasty bites. Mosquitoes are nectar-feeding insects, so they can find their supper on certain plants and flowers. However, blood (not necessarily human blood) is needed for egg production, and thus female mosquitoes will latch on to exposed human skin and suck away. Humans are not the only victims of mosquito blood-sucking though, oftentimes other animals are chosen first before these insects resort to sucking human blood. This may sound like good news to you at first, but this could mean that pets or other animals on your property are at great risk. Additionally, if there are no other mammals around, you could be mosquito food!


Mosquitoes typically feed around dawn and after dusk, so when you’re enjoying your morning coffee on your front stoop, or sitting on your back porch after work, you are very likely at risk for mosquito bites. These insects not only spread painful itching wherever they go, they also have the potential to carry very dangerous diseases that could cause harm to you or your pet. These diseases include: Dog Heartworm, Malaria, Dengue, and many others. You do not want to deal with mosquitoes anywhere inside your home or your surrounding property outdoors. To get rid of mosquitoes and enjoy your warm-weather life both outdoors and indoors, call Island Pest Control to spray your exterior property with the latest mosquito control sprays.


Island Pest Control will protect your home or commercial property by spraying the area with mosquito insecticides; effectively killing those little blood suckers that have become such a nuisance to you and your family. We can spray your property with mosquito control spray so that you are always protected from these annoying bugs.

South Carolina is known and loved for its mild, warm weather; perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Don’t let the fear of getting bitten by mosquitoes keep you inside during gorgeous weather! With Island Pest Control’s mosquito control spray services, you can go back to enjoying your cookout, night swim, morning coffee on the stoop, or whatever you love to do outside! After we swing by and eliminate your mosquitoes, you won’t have to worry about them “bugging” you outside or sneaking their way indoors, any longer!