Caterpillars are among the cutest insects in the world. It’s hard to resist their fuzzy exterior. However, some types of these insects are actually stinging caterpillars, and a sting from them can be pretty painful. If you’re not familiar with stinging caterpillars, you may come across one without realizing it can hurt you. Fortunately, Hilton Head exterminators are available to help you take care of this problem.

What are Stinging Caterpillars?

Many of the caterpillars you see on a daily basis are harmless. They will eventually make a cocoon and turn into beautiful butterflies. Others are not so friendly. The most common stinging caterpillars in the United States are the puss caterpillars, the slug caterpillars and the giant silkworm moths.

Depending on the variety you’re dealing with, you may find a stinging caterpillar to be covered with pointed or barbed hairs. Don’t worry, these are for their natural predators, not for you. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t sting you if you attempt to touch them. Some even have poisonous glands at the end of the barbs.

Where Might You Encounter These Caterpillars?

They tend to hang out in singles, and don’t really clump together in groups. If you see one, it’s probably going to be all on its own. You’re likely to find them when you’re outdoors, because they don’t really venture indoors much. For example, if you brush up against a tree when you’re in your yard, you could encounter one. You could also find one on your deck or in the lawn.

How Can Hilton Head Exterminators Help You?

If you think you may have a stinging caterpillar problem at your home, it’s best not to try and handle them yourself. Trained professionals can assist you with getting rid of them. That way, you and your family are safe from injury or harm.

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