With the weather cooling off in SC, you might notice an increase in certain kinds of insect pests both indoors and outdoors. In fact, South Carolina pest control companies have plenty to do this time of year thanks to these bugs. Learn more about some common fall pests that cause problems in SC.

Stink Bugs

These pests, which are brown and shaped like a shield, give off an odor when they’re crushed. You might find them on the exterior of your home or inside it.

Ladybird Beetles

These bugs also gather on home exteriors for warmth as temperatures drop. They don’t cause health problems or property damage, but they can become a nuisance if they get inside your home.

House Flies and Cluster Flies

These flying pests tend to head indoors for a warm place to shelter as it gets colder out. Cluster flies can cause trouble due to their large numbers, while house flies can contaminate food.


Ticks are highly active during fall. Since these pests can spread disease, it’s important to watch for them on your family and pets.


Ants sometimes enter homes during fall in search of food and shelter. Some species can ruin your food, while carpenter ants can damage the wood inside your home.


Elm leaf beetles, bark beetles, long-horned beetles and other species are found around firewood piles, trees and other outdoor areas. Most are a nuisance but don’t cause damage to homes.

Boxelder Bugs

These bugs, which are black with red or orange markings, can make their way into homes during fall. They don’t bite or cause damage, but they can leave stains behind when they’re crushed.

If indoor or outdoor pests give you any problems this fall or winter, you can get help from South Carolina pest control companies. Island Pest Control has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians ready to eliminate pests from your SC home.