As temperatures gradually get cooler in fall, brown marmorated stink bugs become more of a possible nuisance for SC homeowners. In fact, some homeowners might find themselves needing professional stink bug control for bad infestations. Learn more about these invasive bugs and what to do if you find them in your Hilton Head home.

Stink Bug Appearance

Brown marmorated stink bugs aren’t native to SC, so it’s easy to confuse them with noninvasive stink bug species. These invasive bugs, which came here from Asia, have a more rounded body that resembles a shield. Their bellies have a brownish-gray or bluish-gray coloring, and you can also identify them by the black and white bands on their antennae.

Problems with Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs are a big problem both indoors and outdoors. When they’re outside, they can damage crops, plants and gardens as they feed on fruits, stems and leaves. These bugs also tend to gather on the exterior walls of buildings. Although they don’t eat wood or cause any structural damage, they can leave a highly unpleasant odor if they’re disturbed or crushed. This odor also makes it hard to control them when they’re inside homes.

Stink Bug Control

What should you do if you have stink bugs in your home? Avoid crushing them in order to get rid of them. Instead, use a vacuum to catch them without crushing them. Just make sure to empty out your vacuum bag, or these bugs can leave a foul odor inside it. You should also hire stink bug control experts if you end up with a severe infestation.

If stink bugs invade your property this fall, you can rely on Island Pest Control to eliminate them. We offer stink bug control and pest control for many other nuisance animals and insects. Give us a call to learn more about our services in the Hilton Head area.