In the spring and summer, kudzu bugs wreak havoc on agriculture and home gardens. Come fall, they like to turn over a new leaf—often by moving into your home. Tiny gaps and cracks around the house make desirable nesting spots for kudzu bugs in South Carolina, so you may be seeing these stinky, beetle-like insects indoors starting around October.

You can try sealing doors and windows to keep kudzus out, but it often takes professional, licensed pest control to stop them and get rid of the dead ones so they don’t leave an odor behind. Island Pest Control can help with kudzu bug control treatments in Hilton Head and the greater Bluffton area.

What Are Kudzu Bugs?

Kudzu bugs are in an order called Heteroptera, which includes stink bugs, water bugs, bed bugs, and other similar-looking insects. Kudzus are an invasive species to South Carolina, and are also destructive pests in their native China and India.

Usually about 1/4-inch long, kudzu bugs are light brown with a shape that’s more squared off than a stink bug.

Named for feeding on the kudzu plant, which is a type of pea, kudzu bugs will eat various bean plants or other vegetation. They go inactive for winter, but their presence and odor can be annoying!

Kudzu Bug Control in Beaufort County, SC

If you spot a kudzu bug, you may have many more of them hiding in the cracks of the building.

Even if you don’t really mind them, you should get rid of them so they don’t destroy your landscaping in the spring. It’s also possible you’ll have a kudzu bug infestation that will plague you over the winter.

Island Pest Control’s household pest treatments can kill the immediate problem. Our licensed technicians can also provide expert-level tips for preventing kudzus from coming back.

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