You might enjoy the freedom of hanging out barefoot in your own backyard, but your heart speeds up when you look down to find fire ants crawling on your toes. The red imported fire ant (RIFA) can be found all over South Carolina, and we continue to see them late in the year.

September and October are probably the best months for fire ant control, so that the population dies off over the winter while eating the bait. If you’ve noticed the telltale mounds with a hole in the middle, call Island Pest Control to exterminate fire ants in a safe, effective way.

About the Red Imported Fire Ant

Nearly 100 years ago, what we call the red imported fire ant came over from Brazil to Alabama. They now cover the entire Southeastern U.S.

Telling apart fire ants from other ants can be difficult because they vary in size. They’re typically a deep red-brown with a black posterior. Fire ant colonies build higher mounds than other ants, too.

RIFA bites bother just about everybody, with some people going into a potentially fatal allergic shock. Making matters even worse, fire ants tend to get the urge to bite all at once, so you often end up with a patch of itchy red spots.

Red Imported Fire Ant Control in SC

At Island Pest Control, we start with a free 58-point analysis to find the location and extent of the problem. The best way to treat fire ants usually involves targeted sprays along with ant colony bait, which must be applied to all the colonies on your property.

Don’t expect RIFA to go away over the winter. They’ll winterize the colony and come back stronger in the spring. October may be your last chance for fire ant control to wipe out the problem. Contact Island Pest Control to schedule a visit for fire ant control in Hilton Head and throughout Beaufort County.